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". . . thank you
for such an
easy to use
program . . ."

". . . the program works
exactly as advertised . . ."

". . . very pleased
at the
savings . . ."

". . . I love
program . . ."

Discover for yourself just how easy to use this software is -

Try out the FREE demo version
Demo version 1. Click on the "Download Demo Now" button to start the process.
2. You will be asked if you wish to "Run" or "Save" the file. It's easier to simply select "Run".
3. Sometimes, depending on your security settings, you will get a security warning because the software is an executable file. Press "Run" again.
4. Continue through the installation screens until finished.

You will have a shortcut for Raffle Ticket on the Desktop as well as in Start - Programs. Click the shortcut and you are ready to start creating your tickets.

All functions will operate fully, the words "Demo Program" will be placed on the printed ticket.

Printer Adjustment
Is your ticket image is getting cut off? To take advantage of the full sheet of paper, we have designed Raffle Ticket to print close to the edge of the sheet. Not all printers can print that close and A4 size paper will have edges cut off. We have provided an adjustment in the software where you can reduce the image to avoid this problem. From the pull down menu at the top of the screen click on "Ticket" and select "Printer Adjustment".
If at any time you are having trouble you may call our toll free number for service. We also respond quickly to E-mail: